Paintshop Pro (I use V9)
Tube of choice, mine is by Danny Drake aka Legends Art and used with a CDO license
Font(s) of choice, mine is BroadwayBT and PF Ronda Seven for the credits.
Filters Muras Meister/Copies, VM Distortion/Mosaic Ripple, Toadies/Metallic Onion, Xero/Mistifier, Funhouse/Moire Mirror and AAA Filters/AAA Multi-Filter
Open a new transparent canvas 600x250. Paste a full tube as a new layer, apply Muras Meister/Copies with the setting H-Tile(random rotate line), change the Number to 25.
To this apply Adjust/Blur/Motion Blur at 61 and 100%. And VM Distortion/Mosaic Ripple at default.
Duplicate this layer and apply Toadies/Metallic Onion to the duplicate. Change the blend mode to Soft light. Effects/Edge Effects/Enhance.
Now take your rectangle tool, set to solid, width 12, create on vector, only the foreground active with any colour. Draw out a rectangle roughly like mine.

Go to Objects/Align/Center in Canvas and convert to raster. Selections/Select All, Float, Defloat. Make the layer underneath active and press delete on your keyboard. Delete the layer with the frame and deselect.
Apply a dropshadow, 3,3, 84, 4. And again with -3,-3. Paste a close up of your tube, resize if necessary and place to the right, give it a dropshadow. -3, 3, 64, 5.
Paste the full tube and move it to the left, resize if desired and give a dropshadow. Crop image to 600x250. Duplicate the last layer you added. Apply Funhouse/Moire Mirror, change the Opacity to about 42. Merge visible.
Select all, Contract 6, invert. Apply AAA Filter/AAA Multi-Filter. I picked Multiply Darken. Deselect.
Add all credits legibly, I used the pixel font in bold and changed the Kerning to 25. Add your name and save as png or jpg.
For my second example I used the art of Amy Matthews, who is also signed with CDO. The font is Mr Keningback.

For my third example I used the art of PinUpToons, who is also signed with CDO. The font is Airfoil Script SSi.

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